Ameer Vann (born September 22, 1996) is an American rapper from Houston, Texas and former member of BROCKHAMPTON.

Growing up, Vann enjoyed skateboarding and got involved with music at the early age of 15. It is also known that, during a low point in his life, Vann used and distributed drugs—something he frequently refers to in his music.[1] During their freshman year of high school, Vann met front man Kevin Abstract riding the bus to school their freshman year of high school. Knowing Vann knew how to skateboard, Abstract invited him to film a video he was working on and they have remained friends throughout high school.[2]

Vann is known for being on the cover of all three albums in the SATURATION trilogy.

On May 27th, 2018, Vann was kicked out of the group after allegations of abuse against the rapper came to light.[3]


Social Media AccountsEdit

After leaving BROCKHAMPTON Ameer Vann has deleted his Twitter and Instagram, which formerly went by the usernames ameervann.


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