William Wood, known by his stage name Merlyn Wood, is a rapper/songwriter based in California. He is most well-known for being a main vocalist in American boy band BROCKHAMPTON; his "energetic, shameless and dynamic character gives him a distinctively bold role in the group."

Despite his playful reputation, Merlyn doesn't shy away from far more serious topics in his writing such as racism, poverty, and even socio-economic warfare. Though his verses may not share the complexity of Dom McLennon or melodies of JOBA, his manic, frenzied delivery is truly captivating and brings crucial sonic range to each track he's on.


William Anku Kraka Mawuli Andoh Wood Jr was born in Ghana, but moved to Austin, Texas at a young age. In 7th grade his parents sent him to a boarding school in Ghana for two years, where he developed his love for music and played the saxophone for a jazz band.

Merlyn later returned to Texas to attend high school where he met the main core members of what would become of Brockhampton; Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion and Russel Boring. After high school Merlyn began studying architecture at the University of Texas. In his verse featuring on 'Milk ', he explored his feelings of isolation and his non-conformity while attending. He was facing immense pressure to succeed from not only his family, but his peers and teachers.

"...Walking through the pit falls of a college student, crazy how you get them letters, and they make you feel accepted 'til you walking 'round the campus and, you the only African, nobody would pass 'em, just cats that take directions well, take acid trips to find themselves..."

Under this stress, Merlyn finally made the choice to move to California with the rest of Brockhampton to pursue his music career.




Solo Work

  • Fye (2015)
  • Lazy Wood (2015)
  • Culdesac (2016)
  • Forget Me Not (2017)
  • SYK (with CONNIE) (2021)
  • GREEN LIGHT (2022)
  • ONE OF US (2022)
  • DIRTY THUNDER (EP) (2023)
    • MAZZA
    • BLACKOUT (with Adetola)
    • BJB (Idris Elba)